Opera pears always make news.

When such an exceptional and unique work of art is grown and attained, it is quite normal for everybody to talk about it in a positive way! Discover here all the news from Opera’s world!

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The delicious Opera pears reach out to Italians!

    Around the middle of October, the first phase of the 2017-2018 multi-media communications programme for Opera pear will be launched! From 15 October to 4 November, our “super-delicious” Opera pears will speak to all Italian families from the RAI, Mediaset and La7 networks during the course of many popular programmes and at peak viewing […]

The MINIS are here!

We all know that the extraordinarily delicious Opera pears are perfect for everyone, but the Opera were developed, selected, and packaged above all to give mothers a healthy, tasty, and 100% Italian alternative for their children’s snacks.   Just the right size, but big on flavour, as of today you can find Opera in all […]

Falstaff: a special Opera!

Between the end of August and early September, Falstaff pears  reach the perfect point of ripeness for harvesting and we of Opera are working right now to pick them off the trees at precisely the right moment. Then we will leave them to finish ripening for about one month in the refrigeration-storage cells and only […]

The Abate, the end-of-summer fruit

Spanning the time between the end of August and the first two weeks of September, the Abate variety is ready to be harvested, after ripening in the slightly cooler sun at the end of summer.   The Abate is also called “the queen” of pears for its sweet but decided flavour, which makes it the […]

Double the harvest, double the taste!

Today, double the celebration! Nature delivers two late-summer varieties, both ripe and super-tasty: Conference, which we have already finished harvesting, and Decana, which we are in the midst of harvesting right now. But these 2 varieties – in spite of the fact that they are harvested during the second half of August – are very different from each other. […]

Welcome Max Red Bartlett!

  The month of August is certainly rich! Today we begin harvesting yet another variety: the Max Red Bartlett, the fruits of which have ripened to just the right point. The Max Red Bartlett is a variety that derives from the more commonly found Williams, which we harvested at the beginning of the month. But […]

The Williams harvest opens the month of August!

The scorching heat of the month of August can’t stop us. Instead, today we begin harvesting Williams pears, one of the most popular and best-known varieties.   Among all our pears, the Williams variety is the only one to have a close link with noble England: indeed, this fruit originated in northern Europe, but over […]

The harvest continues: this time with the Santa Maria!

The summer season continues and with it the harvest of our delicious pears. At the end of July it will be time for Santa Maria pears and their particular and refreshing flavour. This type of pear has its roots in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, where it was lucky to find the ideal habitat where […]

Opera: the pear lands on Instagram!

Since July, Opera made its appearance on Instagram. After having conquered social networks with Facebook, now we talk about our delicious pears also with lovers of shared pics and hashtags. Why not visit our page OperaLaPera and discover curious facts and information about our pears and on how we just love cultivating them? #operalapera     […]