Our values are in each Opera pear!

Each Opera pear is the fruit of talent, commitment, passion, experience, vision and resourcefulness, that’s why more than 1,000 Opera Fruit Growers chose to call each pear a work of art, hence, Opera!

Real Sustainability: grow in harmony.

Opera is the union of more than 1000 experts and passionate Fruit Growers, who each day cultivate with competence, commitment an expertise, more than 7500 hectares of pear orchards. The objective begins with the idea that the agricultural cooperatives growth, must conform and integrate with the necessity of the territories in which they are located, including the local community to which they are part of, as well as the economy in which they are developing and growing.
How to accomplish this objective? Through a generous and inclusive open-minded viewpoint created to united and not divide, that forms part of the cooperation between the agriculturers, and which is an essential and fundamental condition for the development of the agriculture in general, especially in the cultivation of the pear trees.

It is always about quality at Opera!

Our Fruit Growing Partners never stop growing Opera pears, because they have a never-ending focus on continuous improvement of the quality of the pears and of each stage of the production cycle. Their decades-long experience in the cultivation, production, and storage, as well as sorting, packaging and marketing of pears is now part of a common objective: the sustainable cultivation of the pear tree in Italy. Because when the pear quality is guaranteed by the authenticity of its origin, and the investments on the development of the cultivation and storage techniques, and their constant monitoring to ensure a fruit, so unique and perfect, that people will choose an Opera pear per over any other pear. A pear that is a work of art, Opera in name and nature!


Create an Opera to create a value!

An Opera pear that does not bring benefits to whoever or whatever surrounds it, is not a successful Opera. This is why opera wants and will become the most important pear landmark in Italy, in Europe and most of the world. So, that its excellence will be transformed in real advantages for the people that choose it daily as a healthy choice, as well as for the Fruit  Growers, the Client’s and all the community it forms part of. Of course everyone likes a successful Opera pear.