A perfect Opera for everyone

There are many varieties of Opera pears to pick from. All cultivated under proper procedural production guidelines, each one with its own appearance, colour, scent and – especially – taste! Please take notice of their shapes and vibrant colours, and let yourself be conquered while indulging in their aromas and flavours, and then finally, choose the one that suits you! Your favourite Opera pear is waiting for you!

Santa Maria

The fresh one.

Refreshing Opera

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The summer pear

Opera of the sun

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Abate Fetel

The Queen

The royal pear

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The juiciest

A true work of taste

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Max Red Bartlett

The fragrant

Its aroma is a work of nature

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The aromatic

The Chef’s Masterpiece

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The melting one

Enchanting Opera

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The rustic pear

An intense Opera Masterpiece

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The irresistible red pear

A new Opera Masterpiece

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