How to truly enjoy Opera pears?

It’s simple: “test the neck”!

The pear is a fruit of wise and patient connoisseurs, it’s a slow-food, which has its time, and requires a bit of patience and skill, but in return the pear gives you exceptional flavour and nutritional goodness superior to those of many other fruit. That’s why the pear can be a fruit, as well as, a healthy and beneficial snack or dessert.
To find out when your pear is perfectly ripe, ask it by “Feeling its neck” (the British say “check the neck”…). When you’ll take the time to do so, you’ll be surprised at the answer.



Here’s how to proceed.
After purchasing please follow these simple tips:


Place the fruit in a fruit bowl or on a counter with exposure to normal room temperature. Care should be taken when handling the pears, as they are prone to bruising and chafing due to their delicate thin skin – that may inevitably lead to the appearance of dark patches on the skin;



Measure the progress of ripeness by applying gentle pressure with your thumb to the “neck” of the pear, about 1-2 cm below the stem. If the flesh starts to yield when pressure is applied, than approximately 3 to 15 days may be required under normal room temperature for the pear to achieve perfect ripeness for ideal consumption;


At this point one can gently place the pears in the fruit and vegetable Compartment of the refrigerator in order to slow it from further ripening;



It is advisable to consume ripened and chilled pears within the next 3-5 days. Depending on personal taste, the pears can be eaten with or without the skin. In any case, it is recommended to wash the fruits with running tap water before consumption to remove any substances that might have accidentally deposited on the fruit’s peel during their period of exposure to the environment, point of sale and / or at home.