Fit with Opera!

Pear’s nutritional values play an important role when it comes to ones health and fitness. It is indeed a perfect snack for those who follow a light diet or practice sports, take care of themselves and want to maintain a youthful look.

An Opera to be taken lightly

The pear is one of the most recommended fruits when dieting, due to its modest (reasonable) caloric value (35 kcal / 100 g per peeled fruit) and fat (0.1%). It’s also rich in fructose, a natural sugar with low glycaemic index value, that gives the pear its unique sweetness, and in turn providing you with mental and physical energy without weighing on the scale. So, if you want a tasty and healthy snack, choose lightly: grab your favourite Opera pear and eat it!

Opera is not just good. It does it better

When you were a child, you were always told to eat fruit because it is good for you; as for the pear this is even truer! Its nutritional properties can bring important benefits to your body. In fact, the pear is rich in water – which promotes diuresis and purification – and provides fibres such as pectin and lignin – that help promote bowel regularity – calcium and potassium, which fortify the bones and promote blood circulation. In addition, the pear contains large amount of vitamins (A, B1, B2, C, E), as well as provide you with energy and strength to face your day. The pear is also rich in antioxidants, which play an important part in keeping your skin from aging.

Beauty is in every Opera.

In addition to nourishing your diet with goodness and healthiness, an Opera pear will also nourish and beautify your body. In fact, thanks to its richness in vitamins, the pear is widely used in cosmetic products, such as skin and hair moisturizers, anti-aging treatments, and facemasks. If you always want to have smooth and soft skin, then you should consider the pear your most valuable ally.