A Modern Work of Art in the kitchen!

The versatility of Opera pears in culinary art can be truly amazing. Find out how, by using their unmistakable traits, you can invent new recipes or re-do original ones.
Because in the kitchen and at the table creativity always has an exceptional place, especially, when it’s delicious!

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Abate Fetel pears with Mascarpone cake
Max Red Bartlett pear and Parmesan with caramel sauce
Pears strüdel
Caramelized Kaiser pears with Sangiovese Novello red wine and persimmon sauce
Veal rump with brandy flavored pears
Crispy Frico with pears
Pheasant breast with Abate Fetel pears and raisins
Tortelli filled with Robiola and Abate Fetel pears topped white Pineta truffle butter
Ravioli with fresh goat cheese, pears and toasted pine nuts