The Cooperative: unique, like our Opera.

Opera is the only organization of made up exclusively Italian Fruit Growers specialized in the cultivation of pears. That’s why Opera is special and has the objective of becoming the reference point for the entire chain of pear in Italy, in the EU28 and in the World.

Raccolta delle pere Opera

Who’s Opera? The Partners.

14 of the most important companies involved in the industry and more than 1.000 experts pear Fruit Growers who have decided to join forces, with the support of more than 50 agronomists technicians and over 20 Responsible business: these are the authors, who on a daily basis through hard work and passionate commitment autograph each and every Opera pear that ends up on your dinning table.

How does it become a Masterpiece?

Each Opera pear follows a virtuous and precise path, which is part of the decade-long experience of the 14 members of the consortium in each stage of the pear’s production cycle, from cultivation to packaging.

This is how every year billions of high quality Italian pears are grown and cultivated. Opera makes use of cutting-edge facilities and infrastructure, as well significant investments in research, especially in the techniques of cultivation and storage. Opera also boasts the most authoritative certifications of product and process, achieved through constant monitoring of every stage of the production cycle. Opera is not just a pear.

Opera is the pear!

Scatole con pere Opera
Albero con pere in primo piano

Where is an Opera pear grown?

From the fertile plain of the Po, comes all the goodness of the best pears.

You’ll find a complete Italian work of art in every Opera pear. In fact each one is a Fruit of a unique territory: the fertile valley of the Po.

5.000 hectares of orchards located in the provinces of Modena, Mantua, Verona, Ferrara, Bologna, Forli and Ravenna. In these territories the pear tree cultivation has been present since the Middle Ages, and ever since the production of the pear has progressively grown until the late 60’s, when there was a real boom of expansion. Today the plains of the Po are globally recognized as one of the best areas for the cultivation of pears. It is here where all the Opera pears grow. It is here where they are cultivated, collected, stored, sorted and packed to then arrive directly to your table and bring you 100% Italian excellent quality.