Double the harvest, double the taste!

Today, double the celebration!

Nature delivers two late-summer varieties, both ripe and super-tasty: Conference, which we have already finished harvesting, and Decana, which we are in the midst of harvesting right now.

But these 2 varieties – in spite of the fact that they are harvested during the second half of August – are very different from each other. They are different in shape – the Decana is rounder while the Conference is more oblong – but even the colour of the skin, the flavour, and the consistency of the pulp differs. The Decana tends to be firm and juicy, while the Conference is crunchy and melts in your mouth.

In addition to being healthy, low-calorie snacks, these varieties are also great for cooking….

The Decana is perfect for preparing fresh and thirst-quenching smoothies: Blend two pears cut into small cubes with some ice and some mint leaves for some refreshing relief during the last days of August.

The Conference instead will be perfect for a simple and tasty main course: cut some chicken into small cubes, flour them and brown them in a frying pan, add the Conference pear cut into strips, splash with half a glass of Moscato wine, add salt and pepper to taste and sauté until reduced.

Finding our pears is simple, just look for the nearest Store.

To find out all the characteristics of  Decana and Conference pears, visit the dedicated pages.