Falstaff: a special Opera!

Between the end of August and early September, Falstaff pears  reach the perfect point of ripeness for harvesting and we of Opera are working right now to pick them off the trees at precisely the right moment.

Then we will leave them to finish ripening for about one month in the refrigeration-storage cells and only then will we bring them to the shops and have them reach, if you want, your table at home.

Falstaff is an extraordinary variety of pears in terms of both flavour and appearance, the result of years of selection among spontaneous hybrids of different varieties of pears made at one of the most important experimental stations for fruit farming in Italy.

Falstaff in particular is born of a spontaneous hybrid of Abate Fetel and Cascade.

Falstaff pears are cultivated exclusively in a limited zone of the region of Emilia Romagna, between the provinces of Modena, Ferrara, and Ravenna, one of the best-suited terroir in the world for cultivating pears.

The fruit is wonderfully attractive, with an oblong form and intense red colour that gradually turns to orange and then yellow in the part that is less exposed to the sun.

The pulp instead is very white, firm, and juicy.

But the flavour is what is most amazing: unique, decisive, almost spicy.

Try it: there is nothing like it.

If you are curious to taste a Falstaff Opera, we recommend putting one in your bag and enjoying it for a healthy snack later on in the day.

If instead you love cooking, Falstaff pears are also perfect for preparing simple but exquisite desserts.

Cut two pears into cubes, let them macerate for a few minutes in water and rum, and in the meantime whip some cream. Now all you have to do its crumble some dry biscuits in the bottom of a small bowl, add the pieces of macerated pears, add the cream and top it off with a dusting of bitter powdered cocoa. You’ll be surprised at how tasty it is!

To try our Falstaff pears, look for them early in October onwards in the best Stores that distribute Opera pears.