The Abate, the end-of-summer fruit

Spanning the time between the end of August and the first two weeks of September, the Abate variety is ready to be harvested, after ripening in the slightly cooler sun at the end of summer.

The Abate is also called “the queen” of pears for its sweet but decided flavour, which makes it the best-loved pear in Italy. The skin is rust-speckled yellow, but sometimes may become red if exposed to the sun, and its shape is oblong and elegant.

The Abate pear is born and grows in the regions of the Po River Plain, in a territory that was successful in cultivating this variety, which was originally from France, offering a suitable environment for correct growth and ripening.

On our tables it is perfect, because the pulp is firm and sweet. So why not go crazy in the kitchen, too! You can make a soft tube cake with diced pears in it, perfect for a hearty breakfast or a healthy snack for you and for children. If you want to impress your friends with a tasty aperitif instead, you can prepare kebabs with Abate pears, cubes of tangy cheese, and grapes. Finally, our Abate pears can be turned into a refreshing sorbet that’s easy to prepare: just blend the pulp with some ice cubes and add some fresh mint if you want an extra kick.

What are you waiting for? Look for Abate pears in our Stores, and to learn more about this variety read here.