The harvest continues: this time with the Santa Maria!

The summer season continues and with it the harvest of our delicious pears. At the end of July it will be time for Santa Mariapears and their particular and refreshing flavour.

This type of pear has its roots in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, where it was lucky to find the ideal habitat where it could grow and evolve until it became the fruit we know today.

The Santa Maria is a favourite with everyone because it is just sweet enough and also has a fragrant note.

It is perfect for making savoury dishes, like summertime vol-au-vant with stracchino cheese and pears for a light starter, or desserts like a cold pudding with diced pear topping.

It’s easy to find our Santa Maria pears. Just go to one of our Stores. Find everything you need here, on our website!


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