Opera Pears in the spotlight

On March 10, 2019, stage n.3 of the Opera’s multimedia communication plan begins.

Opera Pears once again speak to 60 million Italians through the main national TVs & radio stations, the Web & Social Media, the Press.   

The Opera communication plan stage n.3 marks the final part of our 18/19 commercial season, which will end June the 30th.

Opera Pears will be thus available till then for those who looks for sweet & tasty Italian fruit.

In particular, the Opera Pears will be available as following:

  • Decana up to the first ten days of April;
  • Abate Fetel till the last ten days of May;
  • Kaiser Alexander up to the first ten days of June;
  • Conference until the last ten days of June.

Opera Pears will follow up immediately once again from mid-July onwards with the new crop Guyot and Morettini, and the beautiful and tasty Carmen, which is regarded as the summer pear par excellence.

The full Opera Pear range will be once more the main protagonist of our advertising campaign, wherein rhythm and special effects underline the many “endless reasons” to prefer an Opera Pear.

See you soon on TV and of course… even in your quality fruit supplier’s shop.