Frullato di pere varietà Abate in primo piano

Opera Abate Pear Smoothie


In partnership with Natura Nuova, Opera has created a new super delicious smoothie made of Opera Abate pears, using only Italian pears and no added sugar.

Thanks to Natura Nuova, the extra-sweet Abate pears are transformed into a preservative-free smoothie, without added sugar or flavourings, following the tried-and-tested production processes that Natura Nuova has adopted for the past 20 years in their famed smoothies.

All the sweetness of this queen of pears in a handy 90g Doypack: perfect for anyone who wants a tasty and healthy snack, ready to enjoy at any time.

The new Opera Abate Pear Smoothie is one of a kind on the market: a completely natural smoothie in a practical and handy carton with an eye-catching design.