Bottiglia di aceto realizzato con pere Opera

Opera Pear Vinegar


Opera and established vinegar producers Monari Federzoni have come together to make the first pear-based vinegar.Since 1912, the Modena-based company Monari Federzoni has produced top-class PGI balsamic vinegar, the result of a family passion for the land and a unique tradition.

A keen eye for quality forms the basis for this collaboration with Opera, introducing a new, exquisite product to our tables.

Opera Pear Vinegar, made from fermented pear must, generally uses varieties with a high sugar content. Thanks to its fruity fragrance, acidic content and fine taste, the vinegar is perfect as is when put on salads, or when infusing more elaborate dishes with an amazing aroma.

This is a brand-new way to take your dishes to the next level with the tasty goodness of Opera pears!