Ready, set… go! The Opera pear harvest is about to begin

The harvest is the conclusive and fundamental gesture of this year-long story of love and collaboration that keeps repeating itself among our Fruit Farming collaborators and their fruit trees.

It is a story that began with the autumn fogs when the leaves fall and we begin working the soil under the trees to aerate and nourish it. It then continues with the first cold snaps of winter, when we prune the trees to select the strongest branches and “teach” the young trees in the orchard, bending their branches carefully to give the future plant an optimal form for absorbing all the strength and light possible from the sun.

In March, there is the magical springtime reawakening, with a bursting of buds and the first delicate little leaves. And then – in April – a blaze of blossoms: everything goes wild. Especially the bees!… Who are even happier than the Fruit Farmers.

But the blossoms only last a few days because the little fruit of the new harvest begins growing immediately and continue growing a little bit every day, capturing the energy from the sun with the leaves and absorbing rainwater and minerals with the roots.

Then about 150 days after the blossoming, there is finally THE HARVEST!


Every year about 9 months pass between the beginning of the pruning and the next harvest: the same time needed for a baby to be born. Is it just a coincidence?