The Carmen pear season has arrived

This is the first pear harvest of the summer season to add a touch of colour to your table: welcome the Carmen pear!

Starting today you can sample this variety in all its goodness and truly understand the characteristics that make this pear so special. Where can you find Carmen pear? But obviously at the Stores you can find on the website


The Carmen is a pear that ripens early and can be harvested during the month of July. It is a hybrid of two variety – Guyot and Bella di Giugno – which have given the Carmen special organoleptic characteristics that make this variety especially juicy and thirst quenching.


The Carmen is perfect for preparing a variety of fresh and easy summer dishes that are both healthy and delicious, for both adults and children. Try salad with pears for a lunch with friends, or speck with pears as a flavourful main course, or even the classic pears and chocolate for a surprisingly delicious dessert.


For more information about this variety, read here.