Opera pears reach consumers even in countries very far from Italy

Today’s delicious news comes from very far away, but also hits home.

Our Opera pears have begun to reach markets in the Far East, where they have been welcomed with interest.

Indeed, from some time now some varieties of our pears have been found in supermarkets, in shops, and in large shopping centres in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and India, where they are piquing the curiosity and garnering the appreciation of local consumers and buyers of distribution chains operating in those countries.

Countries in the Far East represent export destinations very far and very different from those where we normally work and reaching them is a difficult challenge from both commercial and logistical points of view.

Moreover, the consumers in those countries are very demanding in terms of aesthetic and organoleptic characteristics of the fruit they import. But Opera Pears have passed all the tests and proven themselves ready to deal with and overcome the risks of such a long voyage, preserving their qualities, appearance, fragrance and flavour optimally, catching first the eye and then conquering the palate of oriental consumers.

Obviously, over the coming years we will have to work hard to earn the preference of distributors and consumers in Asian countries of the Far East.

But as we all know: any new undertaking is easier said than done. What’s most important… is getting started. And we here at Opera are well on our way.