opere conference


Origin and History

Originating in England and brought to Italy in the late nineteenth century – mostly grown in the Po valley – after the second World War onwards. Today it’s grown mainly in Belgium and the Netherlands’ cool climates.

Fruit’s shape and size

From a botanical point of view, Conference’s shape is defined as “elongated” with a thick and short wood like stem.

Characteristics of ripeness of the skin, the flavour and texture

The skin has particular green hues during harvest that turn yellowish-green when it’s perfectly ripe for consumption. Majority of the skin is covered in rusty hues, but as the fruit ripens and its skin becomes yellow, the crisp white flesh becomes very soft and sweet.

Distinguishing features

Conference is the most rustic pear with a skin texture that is quite resilient to touch.


During the 3rd week of August.


From the 3rd of August till the end of May.