opere max

Max Red Bartlett

Origins and History

Better known as the “Red Williams”, Max Red Bartlett is the sibling of the Williams, which it derives from, but easily distinguishes itself through its red coloured streak extensively covering its skin.

Fruit’s shape and size

From a botanical point of view Max Red Bartlett’s are “elongated” and “flask” like, just like the Williams, with a ratio size of < 1.5 between its axis. Medium-small sized, typically with a maximum diameter between 55 mm and 75 mm.

Characteristics of ripeness of the skin, the flavour and texture

Max Red Bartlett easily distinguishes itself from Williams through its red coloured streak extensively covering a large area of the skin. The skin colour is a great indicator of the pear’s ripeness, the riper the pear the more pronounced the colour will be, the skin will change from ruby red to orangey red, as well as the streaks will go from greenish to yellow. As the pear ripens and the skin colour changes, the flesh develops intense aromas and zestier flavours.

Distinguishing features

It’s the most delicious pear. According to many experts, Max Red Bartlett when perfectly ripened is probably one of the pears with the best organoleptic characteristics.


During the 2nd week of August.


From the 2nd week of August till end of January.