Origin and History

Found in France in the early nineteenth century and currently grown mainly in Italy, the USA and South Africa.

Fruit’s shape and size

Kaiser’s are medium-large sized and have small and stocky body.

Characteristics of ripeness of the skin, the flavour and texture

Kaiser have a distinctive and unique skin colour with hues that derive from dark brown and therefore, are so-called “Monks Frocks”. When the fruit is ready for harvesting or consumption, it becomes yellowish with rusty hues and the flesh becomes thin with rich aromas, a truly delicious pear!

Distinguishing features

The best pear for your recipes! Kaiser is a great pear for fresh consumption; its firm flesh makes it the best pear for use in the kitchen, like Kaiser poached in red wine or served alongside melted chocolate as a dessert.


During the 3rd week of August and the 1st week of September.


2nd week of September until till of April.