Dessert Pere kaiser caramellate

Caramelized Kaiser pears with Sangiovese Novello red wine and persimmon sauce

  • Cook time

    40 min

  • Prep time

    60 min

  • Yields

    10 servings

  • Difficulty



10 Opera® Kaiser pears

Caramel wine sauce:

1.5 l Sangiovese Novello red wine
0.5 l water
1.5 kg sugar

Persimmon sauce:

500 g persimmons
100 g sugar
30g Maraschino cherries
0.1L water
Juice of 1 lemon

  • Preparation
  • Nutritional values


  • Partially Peel Kaiser pears with a potato peeler, place in a large pot and add the wine, sugar and water, simmer for half an hour.
  • Meanwhile, prepare the persimmons sauce, blend persimmons, sugar, Maraschinos cherries, lemon juice and water, set aside. Once pears are perfectly cooked, remove pears from pot and reduce leftover liquid till densely caramelized. Cut pears into fan shape and place on plate; decorate with caramel and persimmons sauce.

The advice of the chef